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Roofline Components Explained by Specialist Roofing Contractors

Thermoseal is a proud family-run roofing company based in Ascot. Our professional roofing contractors complete various services for domestic and commercial clients in the local area, including:

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    Emergency Roofing Services

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    Leadworks (Including Chimney Leadwork)
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    Maintenance of Pitched and Flat Roofs (Including EPDM Rubber Roofing)

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    New Roofs (Including Pitched Roof Installations)

If you require emergency roofing services, please call us immediately on 07505 262511. We also recommend you visit our testimonials page. This is a great place to read customer reviews regarding our chimney leadwork, pitched roof installations, roof repairs and replacement and other services we offer as a roofing company.

One aspect of roofing work alongside our repairs, leadworks and new roofs is the roofline. This is the edge of your roof and generally refers to three key components- gutters, fascias and soffits. We would like to share some information on these components to help our customers in Ascot and the surrounding areas better understand these parts of their roofing systems.



Likely the most recognisable element of a roofline, gutters are essential to the drainage of your roofing system. Gutters are shallow troughs mounted around the edge of pitched and flat roofs that are designed to collect rainwater and transfer it to the drains below through downspouts. Available in a variety of materials, colours and sizes, they are essential to removing water from your roofing system. They can be susceptible to blockages from debris, including fallen branches and even animals nesting in them, and need to be cleared every so often to ensure they continue working as expected.


Typically made of wood, uPVC or aluminium, fascias are horizontal boards that run along the roof’s edge. Fascia boards close the gaps between the walls and the roof to prevent water and animal ingress from entering into the roof space. They also hold up the gutters that help with the drainage of the roofing system. Besides being sturdy and durable, fascias also need to be aesthetically pleasing, as they can be clearly seen on the side of your property. When considering new roofs in Ascot, whether you’re looking at pitched or flat roofs, the appearance of your fascias is something that’s worth thinking about.


Soffits are very similar to fascias in terms of their function. However, the key difference is that they’re installed at a 90-degree angle to the walls and can therefore only be seen from underneath. Together with the fascia boards, soffits close the gap between the wall and the roof to prevent animals and water from entering your home via the roof. Like with our leadworks and general roof repairs, our roofing contractors provide durability is key to soffits. They can be made of various hard-wearing materials, such as steel, fibre cement and aluminium.

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